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  • Dear Local Officials,

    I support Entergy’s New Orleans Power Station proposal to create cleaner, local power for a brighter city.

    A new power station will create a modern, efficient generating facility to provide reliability for New Orleans. We must plan for the future to meet the city’s growing energy needs, and this power station will provide customers with power when it is needed most during peak demand and severe weather.

    Having local generation will decrease dependence on the market and allow Entergy New Orleans to meet our electricity demand more reliably at the lowest reasonable cost to customers.

    Additionally, the power station in New Orleans will support economic expansion by creating greatly needed jobs and generating hundreds of millions of dollars of economic benefits for the city.

    An independent examination has found that the power station will have minimal adverse impacts on the environment and that is good news for our community. Given that the proposed site is the former location of the deactivated Michoud Plant, a power station here makes sense. Ultimately, this power station will also support the addition of more renewables for a more sustainable future.

    For these reasons, I respectfully urge your support for the New Orleans Power Station proposal.


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